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Storms sweep damage across the Dakotas

North Dakota receives heavy rain and damaging winds

Heavy rains and damaging winds swept across parts of North Dakota last week. The cities of Gwinner and Valley City, North Dakota received over 6 inches of rain in two hours causing a flood warning for Valley City today until noon. Water in the streets was running up to the doors on cars and basements are flooding. Interstate 94 was closed going both ways at Casselton, North Dakota but is now open. One death has been reported in the Gwinner area because of high waters.

Lake Poinsett Storm Damage Doesn’t Interrupt Summer Camp

Severe weather pushed through Lake Poinsett Camp fared late last Friday afternoon.  Becky Holten, Dakotas Conference Director of Camping and Youth reports, “Our hearts are saddened and our prayers go out to the family and friends dealing with the loss of their loved one.  It appears the worst of the storm was on the north side of the lake.   I have not heard yet if it was a confirmed tornado or just very strong straight line winds.”

Thankfully no campers were in camp that afternoon and the staff members that remained on site were all safe.  A smaller tree went down on the chapel but it appears there was only shingle damage.  The worst damage was sustained by the boat lift and boat, one sail boat, docks and water toys. 

Pictures were taken to substantiate the damage for the insurance company, clean up began and Sonshine #2 Camp was able to come in as scheduled for Saturday and Sunday.   Sunday night over 90 campers came in for Pathfinders Camp.  

The Storms of Life from Dakotas UMC on Vimeo.


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