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This Advent—Give Hope

Woman with solar oven cooking utensils provided by Solar Oven Partners. Courtesy Photo.

Christmas is all about hope—wrapped up in the birth of a Savior and new life. Solar Oven Partners is all about hope, as well. We’re a partnership of people who know they help alleviate hunger, improve health, and reduce pollution in poverty-stricken countries using a solar oven for cooking food.

Solar Oven Partners  (SOP) offers real alternatives to the give-and-get craziness of Christmas commercialization. Make a choice for a gift that keeps giving beyond the season. Why not give an SOP alternative gift honoring a family member or colleague? Why not put  SOP on our gift suggestions to Santa—or to our kids? 

This week pastors are receiving the SOP Alternative Gifts tool kit in their Tuesday emails including a printable brochure with details about giving a solar oven. Mission committees and UMW supporters may want to remind their pastors of the brochures early in Advent. 

Download your own brochure by clicking on this link.  

This year give a gift—or ask for a gift—that gives HOPE: a Solar Oven! Use this brochure for details on giving or hand it to someone planning to shop for you.  With your donation, you and your gift recipient ensure that Solar Oven Partners' 18 years of perseverance continues to bring hope to struggling families.