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Fall Gathering Questionnaire

Fall Gathering Questionnaire

Dakotas Connection Initiative
Fall Gatherings Questionnaire
October 23, 2021 to November 14, 2021

Thank you for attending one of the Dakotas Conference Dakotas Connection Initiative Fall Gatherings. It was our pleasure to visit with you and share some thoughts about rural ministry opportunities in North and South Dakota. Having attended one of the gatherings, your feedback is important to the success of our grant objectives. Please take a few minutes to respond to the questions below so we can make our best efforts to help rural ministry thrive in the Dakotas Conference.

4. What suggestions does your church have for possible partnerships with other churches in your region to help rural ministry thrive?

5. What unique or innovative ministry efforts has your church done to rethink how church should operate in your area?

6. What strengths does your church possess that could be shared with other rural churches in your area (think of strengths such as staff skills, program successes, facility use, technology, etc.)?

7. It is our intent to continue to gather with rural churches as we partner to help rural mininstry thrive. What suggestions do you have for us to explore in future meetings?

8. Do you know anyone in your church community who may have interest in lay speaking? Please provide names so we can contact them for possible training courses.

Thanks for your participation in our questionnaire.


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