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Pastoral Coverage Grant Request

Pastoral Coverage Grant Request

Purpose: To provide the local church with partial funding for competent pastoral leadership while the appointed pastor is away or on leave. The amount of funding is dependent upon the local church's unique situation and ability to contribute to the cost of funding. Pastoral coverage is typically needed for:

  1. Short-term Renewal (Continuing Education and Spiritual Growth Leave, BOD 350.3)(4weeks)
  2. Long-term Renewal (Formational and Spiritual Growth Leave, BOD 350.3)(up to 6 months)
  3. Vacation (pulpit supply for qualifying churches)

A local church may apply for any level of pastoral coverage noted below and customize further for their unique needs. In addition to a covering pastor, additional work by church staff, church leaders and lay volunteers is likely to be needed.

Name of person submitting this application

Types of Pastoral Coverage:

In addition, please provide the following information to the best of your knowledge. Use these questions to guide your planning:

There must be careful thought given to how things will work during the Renewal. Among those things to consider:

  • Have you discussed who will be providing pastoral coverage with your district superintendent to obtain their support for the person identified?
  • Who will preach each Sunday?
    • Are there lay speakers within the congregation?
    • Are there Certified Lay Speakers within the district?
    • Are there Certified Lay Ministers who could come in and lead in your absence?
  • Who will provide pastoral care?
    • Who will make hospital visits?
    • Who will conduct funerals?
    • Who will visit those who are in nursing homes?
  • How will administrative work be completed?
    • Is there a church secretary/administrative assistant who could continue weekly bulletins?
    • Do you help prepare reports for meetings? Who will prepare those reports?

If applying for Pastoral Coverage (Basic or Plus), provide a simple budget for the covering pastor's compensation. Include housing needs and/or travel mileage reimbursement if applicable. Upload your document (s) HERE.


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