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Fireside chat, series one, Our Wesleyan Way: Three Simple Rules, Do Good

By: Anna Mutzenberger and Bishop Lanette Plambeck

The founder of our denomination, John Wesley wrote about three simple rules that help people apply their faith to everyday life, and not only live in a way that honors God, but encourages continual growth and development of our faith. Access a upcoming and past episodes.

In this Fireside Chat series, Our Wesleyan Way, DWU student Anna Mutzenberger asks Bishop Lanette Plambeck questions about the meaning of the second of the "Three Simple Rules, Do Good. "What does that look like, and how does that fit into our practice of United Methodism?  View five ways you could use this and other episodes

The second simple rule focuses attention on our choices and actions of intentionally doing good to others. This is not simply referring to “random acts of kindness,” or “paying it forward,” but of attuning one’s heart and life to what God would have us do to increase the greater good of all.

Scripture references:
“So then, let’s work for the good of all whenever we have an opportunity, and especially for those in the household of faith.”  Galatians 6:10, CEB

“So then, let’s work for the good of all whenever we have an opportunity, and especially for those in the household of faith. Colossians 3:17, CEB

“Brothers and sisters, don’t get discouraged in doing what is right.
” 2 Thessalonians 3:15, CEB

Key questions:
What do you know about and what comes to mind when you think about the Three Simple Rules?
The second rule is the second rule Do Good, isn’t it a given that we should all be kind?
How do we live out the rule Do Good in our daily lives?
How can we live the Doing Good rule through our faith?

Resources for Three Simple Rules:
Book of Discipline: The Nature, Design, and General Rules of Our United Societies: Since 1808, the three rules have been printed in The Book of Discipline as part of our doctrinal standards and general rules.

Wesleys Take the Web: Three General Rules: In this animated short, John and Charles Wesley tell us that holy living can be as simple as A-B-C, or 1-2-3. the brothers who founded Methodism, John and Charles Wesley lay out three simple rules for holy living according to John Wesley.

Three Simple Rules, by Rueben Job. Rueben Job offers an interpretation of John Wesley's General Rules for today's readers. For individual reading or group study, this insightful work calls us to mutual respect, unity, and a deeper daily relationship with God.

Resources for Doing Good:

The People of God Who Do Good: Rev. Dr. Derek Weber, Director of Preaching Ministries, shares sermon notes, worship resources, small group ideas, youth, and children’s ministry activities on the second of the three simple rules.

Three Simple Rules—Do Good: A conversation with Bishop Rueben P. Job. In this video Rueben Job shares how, we live out the rule do god. “God of goodness, teach us today how to do good in every circumstance of life. We do not ask for the easy way, but we do ask for grace and strength to follow you in the path goodness, peace, and love. Amen”

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