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Congregations around the Dakotas Conference are sharing mission work, community outreach and other activities that have worked for them. 

Child Care

Child care center at Jamestown First provides ministry to the community—“It is such a great way for the church to minister to the community,” Lindsey Voeltz, Director of Solid Foundations Growing Center. Jamestown First United Methodist Church in North Dakota has found a new way to minister to the community. The church has remodeled and opened their space for a child care center—Solid Foundations Growing Center (SFGC). “We are bringing new life into the church and serving our community,” said Lindsey Voeltz, director of SFGC and member at Jamestown First UMC. Learn more






School partnership grant launches after-school program at Redfield UMCBrenda Stover, member of Redfield UMC and first time lay delegate to annual conference, saw a video about Beresford Zion UMC, a church in action with children’s ministries. Stover is a teacher and administrator in the local school system and has been aware of need for after school care in town. So, Redfield UMC launched their own afterschool program. Learn more 






Prairie View UMC provides warmth for hearts and hearths in Pine Ridge—In August, volunteers from Prairie View UMC gathered in the corner of a field to cut and split logs into firewood. The wood was a gift of heat for this winter to the Restoration Church, south of Oglala, and to the Community Action Center in Oglala. “This outreach event was a blessing to all those who were able to participate as well as those who received,” said Rev. Mark Johnsen, Prairie View UMC. Learn more





Bikes and Bibles

Sioux Falls Wesley gives away bikes and bibles—“I have my very own bike and helmet.  I got a bible and a whole lot more.  I am so lucky!”  This was the excited statement of one of the 73 third grade students who were blessed with a bike, bible, lock, helmet, backpack, water bottle and more at Sioux Falls Wesley United Methodist Church. Learn more







We would love to hear how your church is reaching out and extending impact in your community. Share your story and photos with us here.


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